Thursday, August 01, 2002

Listening to "Highly Evolved" by The Vines! Great guitars! And looking for Johannes Itten works.
Yesterday I stayed up until 1 a.m. in the morning, chatting with the recently arived in São Paulo Rodrigo. I'm making a new friendtest soon, and he said he'll try to do better than my close friends, for he likes knowing people well =o) ! Well, let's just see...I think he'll do well!!

Wednesday, July 31, 2002

Eh at 9 p.m. I chatted with Amilton, the Fast Food man, on ICQ! He's nice! Told me to visit his hardcore band's page, at . Go there! I've seen him play, just once, but it was a great day! Key presences to the day: Bisaggio and that guy I call Alves. Don't know his first name yet...But you should have seen Bisaggio teaching him how to sit on the floor with style. Just hilarious! Great day, boy, make many more for me like that...^_-
I'm listening to "Pushin' the Sky", by the Seatbelts, right now! Cooooooooool!!!! I love some of their songs. They make the soundtrack of an anime called "Cowboy Bebop", my favourite one! They are bountyhunters! Yeah! I feel just like one, sometimes.
This blog's Title, by the way, is a song of theirs, too. It ends every episode and is also great!
Let's start this off once and for all, right? I didn't tell anyone about this blog, so if there is anyone reading I'd be quite surprised! About 15 min ago I was looking for the pic of a Russian poster, with some (blueish?) people and a red background in it, writen "October", in Russian. A movie poster, I think. Of course there must be many more like this, but really love it. Lost it when my computer had a breakdown. If you know it, give me a word about, and I'd be grateful!
Hey! I'm becoming really addicted to this thing called Internet

Tuesday, July 30, 2002

Well...I have finally started this! Let's see what I can do...